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Company Profile Header Craftsman
Back in 1979, great things were beginning in an old chicken shed.
Rob and Matt Carter were starting something special. With a strategy to supply the global jewellery market with high quality, precision cut, Paua Shell cabochons (calibrated stones for the jewellery trade), NZ Dimensionz was born (originally called Te Kai Pacific).
Today they lead one of New Zealand’s premier manufacturers of shell products including gifts, jewellery and souvenirs with a passion to make designs that lift your spirits.  


Paua Shell Header Paua Pendant

PAUA: The World’s Most Colourful Shell.


Often referred to as Blue Mother of Pearl or Sea Opal, Paua Shells feature the iridescence of Mother of Pearl combined with swirls of blue from the ocean, green from the forest, purple from the dawn and pink from the sunset. Paua is highly regarded as the most colourful shell in the world and is found only around the rocky shorelines of New Zealand. The shells may often be seen washed up on the beaches, revealing their iridescent beauty to all.
The Paua fishery is a sustainable resource strictly controlled by a quota system administered by the New Zealand government.


Dichroic Glass Header Dichroic Galss Pendant

Art meets technology with stunning results.


Up to 30 layers of quartz crystals and metal oxides measuring only 35 millionths of an inch combine their vibrant colours in a vacuum to create beautiful individual pieces. Multiple ultra thin layers of different metals and metal oxides such as gold, silver, titanium and zirconium are vaporised by an electron beam in a vacuum chamber. The vapour then condenses on the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure. The coating that is created is very similar to a gemstone and by careful control of thickness, different colours may be obtained. A plate of Dichroic Glass can be fused with other glass in multiple firings. Due to variations in the firing process individual results can never be exactly predicted, so each piece of fused Dichroic Glass is unique.


Handcarved Bone Header Bone Pendant


Our handcarved bone pendants are created by skilled New Zealand craftspeople. Each piece is produced in consultation with local master carvers and is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional design and carries the folklore and symbology of our indigenous culture. First the shapes are marked onto beef bone which has been thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of fats and oils. Then a bandsaw is used to cut out the rough shape which is then refined on a sanding wheel. The intricate design details are then cut with a scroll saw and finished using rotary files. After carving, the pendant is tumble polished for approximately 6 days through a series of progressively finer grades. Many of our carvings feature tattoo style designs which are engraved into the surface using a laser. After final quality control each pendant has a waxed cord and paua toggle. Each pendant passes through 6-10 pairs of hands on its journey through our factory.

A real piece of New Zealand

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