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PauaShell. | Gold Flake. | Cufflinks. | Greenstone | Opal | Dichroic Chip | Dichroic Glass. | Pearl.
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Size: 26x13mm
Color: Gold
Size: 18x13mm
Color: Silver
Creole Curve sml
Code: BJ571SB
Color: Paua Blue
Paua Square
Code: BJ587B
Color: Paua
Color: Paua
Paua Rect Pendant
Code: BJ589B
Color: Paua
Color: Paua
Mini Stand
Code: Stand3
Size: 85x40x65
Set Gold Plated
Code: 41216S
Color: Gold
Size: 30mm
Color: Gold
Color: Gold
Set Gold Plated
Code: 4137S
Color: Gold
Color: Silver
Color: Silver
Size: 26x13mm
Color: Rainbow
Color: Gold
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Pendant Green Fern
Code: PP002B
Pendant Blue Heart
Code: PP005B
Pendant Gold Palm
Code: PP008B
Pendant Kaka
Code: PP013B
Pendant Hydrangea
Code: PP014B
Pendant Mint Flame
Code: PP016B
Pendant Lime Drop
Code: PP020B
Pendant Sunflower
Code: PP021B
Pendant Neon Waves
Code: PP026B
Earrings Dahlia
Code: PP032B
Pendant Butterfly
Code: PP035B
Pendant Dahlia
Code: PP036B
Pendant Bellbird
Code: PP038B
Pendant Shark
Code: PP039B
Pendant BW Square
Code: PP043B
Pendant Bug
Code: PP048B
Pendant Berries
Code: PP049B
Pendant BW Rect
Code: PP050B
Pendant Elephant
Code: PP051B
Pendant Bird
Code: PP054B
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